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Distinct Designs for the Contemporary

Elegant Designs with a Flair for Finesse

Xylo Woodworks Private Limited is synonymous with creative products and elegant designs. A manufacturing unit based in Delhi-NCR, we offer a variety of interior decor products like natural wooden mosaics, premium decorative surfaces, highlighters etc. Our aim is to keep up to date with the latest trends and requirements in the industry and create visually aesthetic and functional spaces that enrich your décor experience.

Vision & Mission Ethos

Our Founder Mr. Utkarsh Arora under the leadership of the most experienced heads in plywood industry, recognized the need for a growing demand of pre-finished and ready to use highlighters. Our vision is to help the clientele discover the ease and convenience of designing their interior spaces, with most of our panels being a single day installation experience.

We aim to provide our customers with quality products designed using state of the art machinery and workman whose experience span decades. Our Make in India panels are manufactured to suit all spaces, tastes and budgets.

Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Make in India Product

Our products are exclusively crafted in India

Single Day Installation

We provide hassle free décor experience as most of our products can be installed within a single day

Durable Textures and Lasting Colors

Crafted using state of the art machinery, our panels display durable textures and colours in elegant design combinations

Pre-Finished and Ready to Use

Our decorative panels require no further finishing and can be readily used on all interior surfaces like wall cladding, wall paneling, ceiling, false ceiling, wall partitions, and any interior decoration requirements and applications such as highlighters and decor elements

Experience workmanship and elegant designs

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the timber and plywood manufacturing business we provide our customers with the finest decor solutions that give your residential, commercial and personal spaces a modern and stylish look

Competitive Pricing complying to all tastes

Over the years, we have gained a wide clientele base that includes India’s leading architects and designers, hoteliers, contractors and homeowners.